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External Partnerships Challenge Drug Companies (C&E News Jun 2013)

Notebooks Go Digital (RSC Chemistry World May 2013)

Informatics - In depth focus 2012 (European Pharmaceutical Review, Sep 2012

The Battle for the Lab (Chemical and Engineering News, May 2012)

Benchtop Informatics (R Mullin, Chemical & Engineering News, Jun 2011)

LIMS in the Cloud (R Mullin, Chemical & Engineering News, May 2010)

Convergent ELN (T. Heritage, Lab Manager, Jul 2009)

LIMS vs ELNs arch enemies or best of friends? (Drug Discovery World, Summer 2009)

Enterprise ELN Strategies: The Future for Notebooks (T. Heritage, Bioscience Technology, May 2009)

Curation of Laboratory Experimental Data as Part of Overall Data Lifecycle (J. Frey, The International Journal of Digital Curation, Jun 2008)

P&G's IT Team Builds E-Notebook on PLM (D. Carr, CIO Zone, Apr 2008)

ELN Implementation Challenges (D. Drake, Drug Discovery, Today Jul 2007)

FDA Compliance, IP Protection Drive Growth In Biologists' Adoption of E-Lab Notebooks (L. Wiegler, BioInform, Jun 2007)

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in Pharmaceutical R&D: On the Road to Maturity (P. Du, J Kofman, Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation Vol12, Issue 3)

Not Just Semantics (Scientific Computing World, May 2007)

ELNs Poised for Double Digit Growth (B. Tulsi, Laboratory Equipment, Apr 2007)

Lab Notebooks Offer Efficiency Gains (G. Dutton, Genetic Engineering News, Dec 2006)

The Status of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for Chemistry and Biology (K Taylor, Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development, Sept 2006 - PDF)

Scientists Take a Closer Look at ELNs (D. Raths, KMWorld, May 2006)

ELN and LIMS Aid Biotechnology Growth (Genetic Engineering News, Mar 2006)

Profiles in Practice Series: The High-Speed State of Information and Data Management (M. Balogh, LC GC Magazine, Jan 2006)

Ending the Paper Chase (A. DePalma, Pharma Manufacturing, 2005)

Electronic Lab Notebooks Useful for Teaching, But Not Ready to Replace Paper (ScienceDaily, Sep 2005)