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Edition V of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks: A Foundation for Scientific Knowledge Management

This is the latest edition of the gold-standard handbook on the ELN market and technology. ELN is one of the fastest growing scientific informatics market segments with new players and changing requirements. This guide provides an educational resource on best practices and supplier offerings for prospective buyers of ELN technology

716 pages. 516 Figures. 79 Tables.

Years in the making, this is the only independent guide on electronic laboratory notebooks and their application. Based on in-depth research, interviews were conducted with current and prospective users from life sciences, chemical, food, government, and academic market segments. Scientists, management, information technology professionals, and attorneys discussed their needs, issues, concerns and keys for project success. Major ELN suppliers shared their insights, technologies and strategies. Based on this research, best practices are shared to optimize ELN adoption.

“This is truly a must-read for anyone interested in electronic laboratory notebooks, from developers to end users, from vendors to clients, from academics to students. Its scope ranges from the history of ELN to a timely analysis of the current market, and studies ELN in the context of scientific practice and knowledge management. It is THE definitive document on ELN.”
Dr. Douglas Perry
Indiana University School of Informatics

The market for ELN is growing over 15% per year

The handbook covers the history, trends, market size, legal and regulatory issues, customer requirements, ELN technology, vendor selection, best practices, future predictions, and

"The ultimate guidebook for anyone considering an ELN."
IT Director
Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

  • Over 200 pages of ELN product reviews with detailed comparisons and ratings.
  • Examination of the use of ELN in real life scenarios.
  • An exhaustive list of ELN requirements prospective users can use for their projects.
  • Primer on ELN technology including architecture, storage, information lifecycle, and trends.
  • Definition of an ELN, history of the market, types of solutions available, and basic components.
  • A primer on knowledge management concepts and how an ELN can assist in the creation of a learning organization.
  • Best practices for record retention and maintenance.
  • Legal and regulatory requirements, including authentication and electronic signatures.
  • Best practices for vendor review and product selection.
  • Best practices for ELN governance.
  • Record authentication education.
  • Best practices for ELN implementation and project management.
  • Industry trends.
  • Benefits ELN users are experiencing.
  • Market drivers and restraints.
  • Total available size of the ELN market in units and potential revenue, including detail by industry and country.
  • A review of suppliers with commentary on key providers.
  • Market shares and growth rates.
  • Strategies for market success.
  • Projections for the future of ELN with market and technology trends.

"This report has really helped us make the right decisions in our project."
Laboratory Director
Major Biotechnology Company

There are over thirty suppliers of ELN products

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 A Foundation for Scientific Knowledge Management
What is Knowledge Management?
KM Lessons Learned
Paper Laboratory Notebooks and ELN
The Use of ELN in a Knowledge Management Strategy

Chapter 2 Electronic Laboratory Notebooks
Definition of an ELN
Why an ELN?
ELN Evolution
ELN Architecture
ELN as a Component of Informatics Architecture
ELN Reference Architecture
Commercially Available ELN Products
DoitYourself Option
History of ELN

Chapter 2 Application of ELN to Example Use Cases
Synthetic Chemistry Single Product Reaction
Pharmacology Locomotor Study
Bioanalytical Procedure Execution ELN

Chapter 3 The Benefits of an ELN
Example Case
User Experiences
General ELN Benefits
Downsides to an ELN Implementation

Chapter 4 Legal and Regulatory Considerations
Hybrid or Not?
Pharma and Electronic Records
Legal Changes Affecting Electronic Discovery
US Patent and Trademark Office
US Federal Rules of Evidence
Record Admissibility
Records Management
Record Preservation
Government Recognition of Electronic Records
Regulatory Considerations

Chapter 5 Technology
ELN in the Cloud
Survey of Potential ELN Users
Cloud Security
ELN Architectures
Web Services and Services Oriented Architectures
Data Types and Metadata
Information Lifecycle Management and Storage
Data Mining
Data Organization
Interoperability and Integration
Future Trends in ELN Technology
Accessing the ELN Software in the Laboratory

Chapter 6 Security, Integrity, Signatures, and Time Stamps
System Security
Introduction to the ISO 27001 series
Record Authentication and Digital Signatures
Digital Signatures, Public Key Cryptography
Time Authentication

Chapter 7 Change Management
Data Management Challenges
Project Challenges
Frameworks for Change

Chapter 8 Defining a Project Strategy and Requirements
Strategic Implications of an ELN
Vision and Strategy Development Process through Product Selection
Building a Business Case - Calculating a Return on Investment

Chapter 9 Requirements
General Capabilities
Domain Specific Requirements

Chapter 10 Implementation
A Methodology for Implementation
Lessons Learned

Chapter 11 Market Drivers and Restraints
Other Markets

Chapter 12 Size of the ELN Market
Background Data
R&D ELN Market Size -Units
R&D ELN Market Size – Software Sales
The Market for Systems in Quality Assurance and Control

Chapter 13 The Current Market for ELN
Sales made prior to 2011
Characteristics of ELN users
Supplier Market Positions
Changes in Support
Where systems are used
Comparison of Installed Domains to Areas of Potential Use
Perceptions of Suppliers

Chapter 14 ELN Products
Comparing Products
Accelrys - Symyx Notebook, iLabber (Contur)
Agilent Technologies - OpenLAB ELN
Arxspan - ArxLab
Asseco - shareSignELN
Axiope - eCAT
Cognium Systems - iPad
Edge Software Consultancy - BioRails
IDBSEWorkbook, BioBook, ChemBook
KineMatik - eNovator
Laboratory Data Solutions - Labnotes
LABTrack - LABTrack ELN
LabWare - LabWare ELN
NoteBookMaker - NoteBookMaker ELN
Microsoft - Microsoft SharePoint
PerkinElmer Informatic sENotebook (Formerly CambridgeSoft), Nexxis (Formerly Labtronics)
Rescentris - CERF
STARLIMS - STARLIMS Electronic Notebook
Waters Vision Publisher

Chapter 15 The Future of ELN


List of Figures and Tables