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Security Considerations for External Research(European Pharmaceutical Review Nov 2016 - PDF)

Future-as-a-Service(Scientific Computing Oct 2015 - PDF)

Informatics in 2025: Impact of the Changing R&D Environment(European Pharmaceutical Review Sept 2015 - PDF)

Déjà Vu All Over Again: Knowledge management is not an IT problem, but a challenge to the culture of an organization (Scientific Computing Nov 2014 - Link)

Collaboration in the Cloud (Scientific Computing - Link)

State of ELN: Perceptions and New Paths (Scientific Computing - PDF)

New Frontier of Biologics ELN (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Biologics Development and ELN: A Good Match? (European Pharmaceutical Review - PDF)

Bridging the Development to Quality Divide (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Structuring Data Management for ELN in Formulations (Scientific Computing - PDF)

De-Evolution of Informatics (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Tablets and ELN - A Honeymoon (Scientific Computing - PDF)

State of the ELN Market (Scientific Computing - PDF)

ELN in the Bioanalytical Laboratory (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Review of the Barcelona ELN Conference (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Informatics Convergence Presents Opportunities and Challenges (Scientific Computing - PDF)

ELN Authentication: Navigating a Sea of Options (Scientific Computing - PDF)

ELN Integration: Avoiding the Spaghetti Bowl (Scientific Computing - PDF)

The ELN Security Conundrum (Scientific Computing - PDF)

New Debates on Intellectual Property Protection and ELN (Scientific Computing -PDF)

Avoid the Grocery List Phenomenom - Voice of the Customer and ELN (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Change Management and ELN Part 2 - Building Acceptance (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Change Management and ELN Part 1 (Scientific Computing - PDF)

ELN in the Cloud - Marketing Buzz or Reality? (Scientific Computing - Link)

ELN Benefits - A Revisit (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Thinking Beyond ELN: A Look at the Informatics Architecture Model (Scientific Computing - PDF)

What You Should Know Before Selecting an ELN: Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Have Evolved into Four Distinct Types (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Enter Mainstream Informatics (Scientific Computing - Link)

Record Integrity and Authentication for Electronic R&D (Published by Surety - PDF)

The Rules have Changed: The Management of Electronic Research Records is More Important than Ever (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Current State of the ELN Market (Scientific Computing World - Link)

Preserving the Evidentiary Strength of Your High-Value Electronic R&D Data (BioIT World - Link)

Review of IQPC's SmartLab Informatics Exchange Conference - PDF

Integrating the Drug Discovery Laboratory (Scientific Computing - PDF

Electronic Study Management: New Tools for Improving Efficiency in Pre-clinical R&D (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Secure It or Lose It - Setting Security Policies for Data Management (Scientific Computing - PDF

It's Not About Paper - The Benefits of Electronic Laboratory Notebooks Scientific Computing - PDF)

Are ELNs Really Notebooks? (Scientific Computing - PDF)

Considerations for Management of Laboratory Data (Scientific Computing - PDF)