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Created by experienced professionals, we advise clients in the fields of scientific informatics, knowledge management, process automation and data analytics
Our clients include R&D departments of leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, food, and consumer product companies.


As the only market research organization focused exclusively on the use of information technology in science, Atrium Research develops research reports designed to educate prospective technology users on best practices, market requirements, suppliers, products and industry trends. We not only gather the facts, we put them into a context that is meaningful and understandable to management, scientists, and information technologists.



At Atrium Research, we believe technology alone does not ensure project success. Solutions must be coupled with the user insight, strategy, change management, planning and people to be successful. We provide a suite of offerings designed to develop the right informatics strategy from current state analysis to future state design and goal execution.



We are a trusted partner and advisor to our clients, providing a range of scientific informatics consulting services needed to complete projects on-time, on-target and on-budget. From workflow optimization to requirements analysis to product selection, we help our clients make the right decisions to achieve the highest possible return on their technology investment.



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We combine deep knowledge of scientific workflows, technology and business management to provide unparalleled market research and advisory services. Decades of lessons learned across hundreds of scientific informatics projects have taught us the keys to success and pitfalls to avoid. We transfer this knowledge to our partner clients.

Founded in 2003, Atrium Research has streamlined R&D and quality workflows in large to mid-sized biopharmaceutical, consumer product, food, and material science companies. Over 100 global companies rely on our scientific data management and analysis expertise to optimize their synthetic chemistry, pharmacology, bioprocess, formulations and analytical operations.